05 Apr'18

Actor Bryan Cranston in Alzheimer Research UK’s #sharetheorange campaign

Alzheimer Research UK announced their new campaign featuring the ‘acclaimed actor, writer, producer, director and author, Bryan Cranston.

Watch the campaign here:


The advert begins with the statement: ‘Too many people still believe that dementia is just a natural part of ageing and there is nothing to be done. That is why I am asking you to help Alzheimer Research UK to change this.’


The campaign uses the hashtag #share the orange. Cranston uses the orange to represent our brain. With an animation of the orange, Cranston explains how important the brain is to who we are and how dementia biologically effects the brain. The advert uses some hard-hitting statements such as, ‘If the brain is at risk then everything we are is at risk’.


The advert ends with a plea to the audience to spread the word of Alzheimer UK and to ‘share the orange’.


The Drum quote Hilary Evans (Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK) saying ‘Bryan Cranston’s support of ‘Share the Orange’ campaign will help bring global attention to an important truth – that dementia is not an inevitability of age, but it is caused by disease that we can fight.’


 The Telegraph state that as ‘scary as that [the advert’s message] sounds, the message of #ShareTheOrange is ultimately one of hope.’  Another article by The Telegraph goes in to detail further in detail as to the research going into dementia: Dr Selina Wray describes how they are using sample of skin from patients suffering with dementia. Wray stated ‘We are a long way from creating a diagnostic tool, but it would be nice to think that in 10 or 20 years we will have found a way to prevent dementia progressing.’


People on Twitter have responded to the campaign positively: