26 Apr'18

Ad viewability report; are advertisers placing display adverts more carefully?


Meetrics reported that ‘ad viewability levels have hit their highest level since records began back in the second quarter of 2014’.


The Q1 2018 report is based on ad impressions within the International European market that met the definition of Viewability from the Media Rating Council and IAB; ‘at least 50% of the surface of an online ad have to appear in the visible area of the browser for at least 1 second’.


Meetrics made the point that ad impression triggered by fraudulent activities were excluded from the report.


It is highly unlikely that all fraud is reported and identified and Meetrics don’t specify their methodology for identifying fraudulent activity.


Looking across the European market, the viewability of display ads was 62%, with an average viewable time being 21.1 seconds. The country with the highest viewability (of 71%) was Austria. Switzerland had the lowest viewability percentage at 50%. The viewability for each of the countries has increased from Q4 2017.


The most used display advert in the European Market is the Sitebar layout. As the name indicates this is the sidebar of a screen, taking up a third of the space. This layout has the highest viewability time associated to it of 40.8 seconds. The least used ad layout is MPU / Med. Rectangle, which is a small rectangle advert.


For a handful of countries, Meetrics provide a Video viewability percentage. The countries include Italy, Poland, France and Germany. The report doesn’t provide a reason why this statistic is provided for some countries and isn’t for others.


Meetrics also stated ‘the proportion of banner ads served that met minimum viewability guidelines rose from 56% to 59%’, which is the first time levels have risen for four consecutive quarters.


Marketing Week quote Meetrics CEO who considers a drop in the number of impression suggests campaigns are being placed more carefully and optimised towards viewability.