26 Apr'18

Amazon and Volvo launch ‘in-car delivery’


Volvo announced that they are ‘partnering with Amazon to bring in-car delivery of packages to customers in the United States’. It is currently available across 37 cities and surrounding areas.


This program will utilise and mature Volvo’s digital consumer services, which is available on their On Call service platform and smart phone app.


According to the company’s press release, this program has run in Nordics and Switzerland since 2015.


The Chief Digital Officer stated, ‘Simplifying the customer experience is central to Volvo’s digital vision. Receiving packages securely and reliably in your car without you having to be there’.


In the FT article of Volvo and Amazon’s collaboration, it is reported that this is ‘the latest sign of partnerships in the industry as car markers explore business streams from connected vehicles.’ An example used is Ford’s partnership with Dominos for an autonomous pizza delivery service.


Tech Crunch published a first-hand experience of the in-car delivery. The reporter, Frederic Lardinois, described the driver arriving using his phone to unlock the car in his driveway, putting the package into the trunk and then locking the car again. This article provides a detailed report on the onboarding process, ordering and the delivery.


For Lardinois this process is feels far less intrusive than if you were to allow to a delivery person into your house, but says that this is ‘a very personal thing.’ Would you feel comfortable to leave your keys to Amazon?