29 Aug'17

Companies use solar eclipse for marketing

On the 21st August North America experienced a solar eclipse and marketers responded in force using ‘Real time marketing’ to use this opportunity for their brands.


The Atlantic use the example of the grocery-store, Chiquita, which used the eclipse to advertise their bananas. See their promotion video below :



The Atlantic list other examples of companies using the eclipse for advertisement. Some include:


– Amtrak promoting their early-morning train from Chicago to Carbondale, a prime viewing spot for the eclipse.


– Yazoo Brewing Company launched a new ale called ‘Space and Time’ which was brewed with 12 kinds of hops that       had space-related names.


Here are the views of some marketing experts on reactionary, also referred to as real-time marketing, found on NGData.


Jacob Dayan, co-founder of Chicago-based company Community Tax, ‘Real-time marketing is a great way to expand your audience exponentially by injecting your brand into a bigger conversation.’


Jackie Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Bozell states, ‘In a world where content is king, relevance is queen’.


Is this a new trend or has this been going on for years under a slightly different name? Aren’t TV slots during Superbowl merely another example of a brand using a major event for advertising purposes? You decide.