18 Jan'18

Another product added to Amazon’s Echo line


Amazon are launching Echo Spot in the UK after it performs well in the US technology market.


As quoted by The Guardian, Head of Alexa for Europe Amazon, stated ‘The Spot is to The Show what the Dot is to the original Echo’, so it is ‘a smaller, stylish and more affordable version of an Echo with the screen’.


It is currently being sold on Amazon.com for $129.99. According to the product overview, it is a ‘stylish and compact Echo with a screen’. It has a 1.4” speaker, a 2.5” screen. Other functions include:


  • Playing videos from Amazon Video and more
  • Streaming Wi-fi music
  • Line out with 3.5 mm cable or blue tooth
  • Free audio calls
  • Control smart home devices

Speaking to The Guardian, Ben Wood (Chief of Research at CCS Insight) stated ‘The Echo Spot has proved extremely popular in the US market and is a great addition to Amazon’s Echo line up in the UK’.


Adding to this, Canalys’s analysts, Ben Stanton, said that ‘Amazon might be a leading position in the US, but in Europe it is still all to play for.’ Other similar home assistance products include Google’s Home and Home Mini and Apple’s Pod.


According to WIRED’s report of the newly developed Amazon product, ‘The Echo Spot is available for pre-order now in white or black for £120, or as a two pack for £200. Deliveries will be from 24 January’. Want an Amazon product, but unsure which one? Check out WIRED comparison.