02 Mar'18

Banana phone, Sony’s rumble and new Galaxy; all the Mobile news


With the Mobile World Congress (MWC) having just taken place in Barcelona here are the top three headlines from leading mobile manufacturers:


Nokia to bring back the ‘Banana Phone’


According to The Verge, HMD (makers of the Nokia phone) will be bringing back the Nokia 8110, also known as the ‘banana phone’.  The phone is famous for Keanu Reeves using it in The Matrix.


Here is a video of Nokia 8110 in action:


The Nokia 8110 is ‘a basic feature phone’ so you will not be able to download Android apps. However, an app store specifically for the Nokia 8110 is being created.


According to The Independent, the battery life will last for weeks and the ‘4G connectivity means you can make calls over data’.


The phone will be available in May for 79 euros ($97). Looks like Nokia won’t be trying to claim any R&D tax credits.


Sony’s latest phone rumble feature


The BBC reported that Sony’s latest Xperia has rumble technology that means the smartphone ‘vibrates in time with movie and TV action scenes and video games.’


Talking to the BBC, Adam March (Sony’s Senior Manager) discusses how sales continue to struggle despite Sony launching new phone innovations. Marsh stated, ‘it is very frustrating when we bring something put to the market first, and maybe the competition comes a year later and does kind of the same thing and gets more buzz around it.’


Presumably you can turn it off when in the cinema so the people next to you don’t get frustrated with your seeming popularity!


Samsung’s new Galaxy


‘The Galaxy S9 retains the overall design of the Galaxy S8, but Samsung listened to criticism about the placement of finger print sensor and adjustment its location’, Business Insider reports


Here are some key features:

– Improved camera technology; dual-lens camera system, good for low-light photography

– Record super slow-mo video New AR Emoji

– Stereo sound

– The Galaxy S9 will be available on March 2nd for pre-order, starting at $790 and $840 for the Galaxy S9+