08 Feb'18

Best & worst Super Bowl adverts


Following last week’s feature on the up and coming Super Bowl adverts, here are the ones that were well-received and the ones that did not.
Lucid and Realeyes partnered to analyse and rank the best and worst adverts during this year’s Super Bowl.
The adverts were measured against four metrics – attraction, retention, engagement and impact – to result in an ‘EmotionAll’ score out of ten.
Refer to the image below to see the top ten ranked adverts:


The five worst ranked include: Stella Artois (Water.org ft Matt Damon) Wix (Coolest Collaboration ft. Rhett & link), Ram Tucks (Built to Serve ft. Dr Martin Luther King Jr), Hulu (Castle Rock) and Intuit (Giant Skip).

According to Marketing Week, brands that ‘opted for humour’ won over the viewers. More specifically the winning combination was ‘football and humour’.


In addition, Marketing Week stated that an advert starring celebrities were also successful but was not enough alone to impact viewers as seen in Stella’s advert featuring Matt Damon being ranked the lowest.
To conclude ‘the quality of Super Bowl ads looks to be on the rise given the average score has risen over the past three years’.