03 Nov'17

It is a big week for Apple


Apple is well-known for keeping products a mystery until their launch. This was not adhered to for the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X as an unknown Apple employee published details about the new iPhone and other upcoming Apple devices before the official launch. Check out our article on the story here.


Little has surfaced since the initial coverage regarding who was responsible for this leak.


Allegedly, an Apple engineer has been fired after his daughter, Brooke Amelia Peterson, posted a video of the unreleased iPhone X when she had a tour of the Apple campus. Peterson’s video spread on site like 9to5Mac and YouTube. The video has been removed from YouTube. The Verge commented that although it ‘may have seemed like an innocent hands-on’, ‘it did include footage of an iPhone X with special employee-only QR codes.’


Peterson released a video saying that her father has been fired as a result of the video; it is against Apple rules to film on campus.


As quoted by the BBC, Peterson said in the video ‘At the end of the day when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, if you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.’ According to Peterson, her family have no grudge against Apple.


In other Apple news, the iPhone X has received positive reviews by those that have been given access to it prior its launch. According to thenextweb, this type of review roundups is ‘unprecedent for Apple’. Some of the journalists that have reviewed the iPhone X are YouTube vloggers rather than traditional journalists, which reportedly has ‘frustrated some of Apple’s more stalwart entusatis in the established tech press’.


Here are some of the comments from reviewers:


    • Matthew Panzarino, writer at Tech Crunch, praised the Face ID for never unlocking with an image of a person or with another person’s face. Panzarino adds that Face ID worked in pitch black and off angles. A criticism that Panzarino had was that there are some colour issues when viewed at extreme angles.


    • Scott Stein from CNET stated that ‘The swipe up move to replace the home button is growing on me. Weird but true. I realized, it’s a bit like flicking away apps after you’re done with them.’


    • Business Insider’s Steve Kovach is please to ‘see Apple make something radically different again.’ Kovach summaries that ‘the phone feels worth the premium price, but a full verdict will require more testing.’


    • For the blogger John Gruber, the ‘notch’ (at the top of the screen) is offending. Gruber states ‘the ideal of an “all-screen” design – to use Apple’s words – has no notch at all’.



The iPhone X is released for the public on 3rd November.