02 Mar'18

With BMW’s Digital Key our mobiles and cars will be interlinked

BMW presented the BMW Digital Key and eSim at the Mobile World Conference (MWC).


With the BMW Digital Key, you will be able to summon the BMW’s electric autonomous i3. You will also be able to control the entertainment system, headlight flasher, door locking and horn. Another additional feature is that your digital key can be shared with up to five other people.


It is still a few years away for it to be common practise, however from July it will be possible to test this with Samsung Smartphones only.


TechCrunch made the comment ‘yes, Tesla has obviously done something very similar for a while now too.’


In an interview in September of last year, Ian Robertson (BMW board member responsible for sales) told Reuters, ‘Honestly, how many people need it [a car key]’. Robertson added, people never take their keys out of their pocket ‘so why do I need to carry it around?’


BMW also announced an eSim that will allow you to link your vehicle with your mobile contract for you to be able to receive calls from your car and use it as a WiFi hotspot.