19 Oct'17

Bud Light set out to show that there is a demand for lighter, low calorie beer


Bud Light launch new TV campaign to cement their ‘positioning and point of view to the UK consumer and start strengthening’ their success.


With the slogan ‘Keep It Bud Light’, the advert mocks the typical beer adverts with it being set on a beach, with slow motion sequences of people drinking beer, and the classic ‘pouring a pint’ shot. The ad will be aired across national TV channels and in cinemas throughout October and November.


Bud Light have also significantly invested in digital adverts across social platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.


Since its return to the UK market in February of this year, Bud Light has seen a 27% repeat purchase rate. However, there is no reference to the average repeat rate for a beer brand. The only context that is given is Andre Finamore’s (AB InBev Marketing Manager) comment that a repeat rate between 10% to 15% is good.


The brand adds, ‘we’re providing an offering that really resonates with 18-24-year-old consumers that we know have been falling out of love with beer for a while.’


When Bud Light re-entered the UK market after 16 years in February, The Drum’s report was headlined ‘Is Bud Light’s brand power enough to win over craft enthusiast millennials?’ suggesting doubt that Bud Light will succeed in the competitive beer market.


When Bud Light first came on sale in February Nick Robinson, AB InBev Marketing Director, stated ‘Our research shows younger drinkers, in particular, want a beer with a lighter taste, fewer calories and lower ABV’ (We’re assuming he didn’t conduct his research with a clipboard around any uni campuses as most students couldn’t give a sh*t about any of those things).


Bud Light set out to prove that there is a demand for a lighter beer, and the audience of young beer drinkers is large enough for both Bud Light and craft beer companies.