12 Oct'17

Campaign video released to raise awareness for International Day of the Girl


As part of the Global Goal scheme, a video was launched on the 11th October that aims to raise awareness for the challenges that young girls over the world face.


The campaign is being circulated under #freedomforgirls, which allows brands, individuals, and organisation to promote and discuss this important message.


The video was created by the filmmaker MJ Delaney in partnership with Project Everyone, UNICEF, and Bill & Melinda Gates.


The video features young girls moving to the soundtrack ‘Freedom’ by Beyoncé. Statistics are interspersed throughout the video such as, ‘71% of human trafficking victims are female’, and ‘130 million girls are out of school’.


Last year’s International Day for Girls video had a different tone to this year’s.


The Spice Girl’s soundtrack ‘What I Want’ was used to create an uplifting beat, in comparison to the aggressive tone of ‘Freedom’.


The Telegraph quote MJ Delaney stating that last year’s video ‘was very much a warm celebration of the strengths of female friends and female solidarity’  who also stated that ‘the atmosphere of last year’s film wouldn’t have cut the mustard this time round.’


MJ Delaney adds, ‘The decision to take that more angry tone and give it to very young girls created a balance because they have an essential optimism to them because of their age’.


Last year’s video reached over a million people on YouTube which sets a promising precedent for this year’s campaign.