31 Aug'17

Carlsberg’s ‘Together Towards Zero’ promise

Carlsberg promoted and discussed their newly launched campaign ‘Together Towards Zero’ at their 170th birthday celebrations this week in Copenhagen.


Their ‘Together Towards Zero’ aims for its breweries to have 0% carbon emission, use 100% renewable electricity, reduce their water wastage, and to tackle irresponsible drinking. To understand Carlsberg’s strategy and plan to achieve their goals by 2030, watch their short film on their website.


Speaking to Business Green the sustainability director, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, said:


“This is not something you do overnight, especially when you have 86 breweries and you operate majority-owned companies in 36 countries, when you have 42,000 colleagues”


In an interview with Marketing Week, Hoffmeyer said that believes ‘it is up to the brand to lead the way’ instead of being ‘led by the consumer demand for change’.


Marketing Week and Hoffmeyer discuss the subsequent increase in cost of product, and question whether customers will pay more for it. Hoffmeyer considers that the emphasis on quality, and promoting their innovations such as, low-carbon beer will be the tactic to tackle the increased cost.


But will consumers really pay more for an eco friendly beer?


Earlier this year, Unilever conducted a study to determine whether consumers were purchasing products based on their environmental impact. After asking 20,000 adults from five countries whether concerns of sustainability impact their choice in-store and home, they found that a third of consumers (33%) are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.


This would suggest that a fair portion would continue purchasing Carlsberg despite the increase in price. But the study still demonstrates that a large portion do not actively purchase sustainable products.


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