16 Nov'17

Coca-Cola’s recognition of Saudi Arabia women being allowed to drive


Coca-Cola launched their ‘Change Has a Taste’ campaign in recognition of Saudi Arabia’s  recent law that overturns the ban on women driving. The advert was posted on YouTube on 2nd November.


The advert shows a father taking his daughter on a driving lesson. The daughter starts the lesson with a few stalls and a sense of uncertainty, but in the end the daughter gets the hang of it (with the help of a Coca-Cola of course).


DigitalSpy report that the advert has been praised by some for marking this breakthrough with a ‘feel-good ad’, while others have stated that the Coco-Cola are using this event to make a profit.


Here are some reviews of the advert on Twitter:



Some have even likened the advert with the Pepsi advert featuring Kendall Jenner that was withdrawn because it was accused of simplifying and not respecting the Black Lives Matters protest.


In response to the mixed reviews, Omar Bennis (Coca-Cola Middle East Public Affairs Director) told Huffington Post the ‘Taste Has A Change’ campaign touches on the brand’s ‘values surrounding diversity and inclusion and aligns with Coca-Cola’s commitment to enable the economic empowerment of women.’ Presumably he said this with a completely straight face.


It appears that many marketing campaigns that aim to promote diversity or celebrate significant social events will receive some negative comments as consumer will interpret the message and meaning differently. The.Report recently published features on Kellogg’s racist cereal box design and Dove’s video campaign attempting to reach a diverse audience but missing the mark.