05 Apr'18

Companies not supporting B2B marketers’ innovation

B2B Marketing found that a lack of support for innovation within B2B marketing is impacting industry progress.


B2B Marketing surveyed 200 B2B marketers for their Innovation Benchmarking Report.  


Some of the key findings are:

– 91 per cent of marketers surveyed felt that their company culture or board would back their innovation that they want to implement.


– Only 30 percent felt that their organisations culture supports innovation.


– 73 per cent of respondents wanted budget for innovation, while only 23 per cent have one


Mary-Ann Baldwin (Head of Content B2B Marketing) said in response to these findings, the lack of innovation is a concern ‘because in today’s fast-moving, customer-centric environment, failure to evolve is fatal’.


Baldwin while saying that ‘without support from the top… marketers will not feel empowered to make the bold decisions that drive their company forward’, Baldwin is of the opinion that ‘it’s the responsibility of marketing leaders to earn’ the support.