14 Sep'17

Equifax data breach

143 million Americans’ personal data was made vulnerable when Equifax was hacked.


Following the breach, Equifax ‘s share price dropped, and the company are being heavily critizied. Reuters reports.


In response, Equifax apologized in a corporate statement, and emphasised the fact that they have tripled the size of their call centre team, with more staff to be added.


Other action the company have taken is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the source of the breach. There has been no statement yet as to how or why they were breached.
This is not the first time Equifax have had data stolen from their website; on the previous occasion it was tax data stolen. However, this data breach is even more serious because of the wealth of personal data including names, addresses and Social Security numbers.


Currently there are two pending lawsuits, one from Portland, and one from Atlanta, claiming that Equifax had not properly protected their consumer data.