03 Nov'17

Facebook announced there will be more advert transparency

Facebook have announced that political advertisers will need to ‘verify both their entity and location’ when buying an advert. This will then be tagged on the post showing users ‘paid for by’.


The Internet giant are developing machine learning tools that will identify advertisers that do not disclose their identity.


It is not only political adverting that will increase in transparency – it is Facebook ads altogether. Beginning next month, people will be able to view all the ads a page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. A user will have access to this information even if they are not the target audience for the ad.


This has been a necessary step after allegations of Facebook distributing fake news during the 2016 US presidential elections. Last month Facebook handed over 3000 adverts that were thought to have been purchased by Russian agents in an attempt to influence the election results in favour of Donald Trump.


As reported by the Independent, Facebook have recently stated that 126 million Americans may have been expose to Russia purchased US election posts.


More has come to light in this story. BBC have reported that George Papadopoulos has admitted to lying to the FBI about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia. Papadopoulos being Trump’s former campaign advisor has cast more speculation with Trump colluding with the Russian government.


Robert Mueller is investigating the Russian-purchased social media ads, and is also looking into whether Trump campaign officials colluded with Russian authority. Trump denies allegations of scheming with Russia to win presidency.