29 Sep'17

Faults with the iOS 11

Since the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X last week, the software update to iOS 11 has been heavily criticised.


The new iOS 11 does not support some older apps that were written in 64-bit code. Apps are now written in 32-bit code. According to the BBC, the lower the number, the quicker the operating system can run.


The app store has not allowed the updates of 64-bit code apps since 2015. Professor Alan Woodward is quoted saying, ‘Two years is a very short period for something to become obsolete, even in the technology world where things move fast,’


Although the newer app software is quicker, there is still a use for some of the apps that are not supported. The iOS 11 does not support Disney apps, a range of video games, American Express banking apps, and Penguin Books.


Forbes reports on another issue with iOS 11 – it kills your battery. Wandera have concrete evidence that the new upgrade does in fact drain battery life quicker.


They examined 50,000 moderate-to-heavy iPhone and iPad users on its networks running iOS 11 and iOS 10.


Wandera found that iPhones running on iOS 10 can be used for 240 minutes before the battery runs out. Meanwhile iPhones running iOS 11 last just 96 minutes on average. This is a 60 percent decrease of battery life.


The Inquirer have identified another problem with the new iPhone update. The Bluetooth and WiFi do not properly turn off, even if you choose to do so. The WiFi will be disabled until you walk/drive to a new location, it’s 5am, or you restart your iPhone.


The Inquirer report on these iOS 11 features in a mocking tone. ‘If you move then it will assume you want to reconnect. It’s a frigging mobile. Of course, you’re going to move.’


Problems with iOS 11 have also been revealed on Twitter:





Obviously Apple need to update the software as soon as possible.