05 Oct'17

Gett create comparative advertisement rivalling Uber


Following TfL’s decision to not issue Uber with a new licence, Gett have jumped on this opportunity to increase their brand awareness; The Drum reports.


Gett is Uber’s competitor in the black cab app market.


They directly attack Uber in their poster straplines such as, ‘Uber fast. Now that’s fit and proper’ and ‘Top drivers. Now that’s fit and proper’.


Gett Managing Director, Matteo de Renzi, stated ‘we wanted to remind customers that Gett offer an unparalleled experience in the capital. Our trained drivers pride themselves on quality and providing a quick and efficient journey, deemed fit and proper by all.’


The Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) state that comparative advertisement ‘can be a great way to make your company stand out in the marketplace’.


The ASA adds the cautionary that it can generate complaints, therefore the agency advice that ‘the verification of information needs to be sufficient for readers to understand and verify the claim.’


Since Uber’s licensing terminated on 30th September, Gett have reported an increase in business.


From examining Twitter, there are mixed responses to Gett:




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