15 Feb'18

Google change the online environment by blocking disruptive ads


Google announced on earlier this week that Chrome ‘will stop showing all ads on sites that repeatedly display the most disruptive ads after they’ve been flagged.’


The Chrome update (which was launched on Thursday 15th February) was a result of users’ feedback of their main source of frustration ‘is annoying ads’, such as video ads that play at full blast or giant pop-ups where you can’t seem to find the exit icon.


To determine which advert that they will not show, Google will be using Better Ads Standards from the organisation Coalition for Better Ads that aim to improve the experience of online adverts.


In their blog Google believe that the ‘web is an incredible asset’ and so ‘these changes will not only make Chrome better for you, but also improve the web for everyone.’


As quoted by The Verge, Chris Bentzel (Chrome engineering manager) explained that due to problematic ad experiences being ‘controlled by the site owner’ they are implementing a three-step process: tackling bad ads by evaluating sites, informing  sites of the issues to give them a chance to change the problem. If the site does not comply then Goole will enforce a block.


The Guardian reported that prior to the launch of the ad block 42% of sites warned by Google have altered their display ads including LA Times, Forbes and the Chicago Tribune. However, according to Tampa Bay Times, many website publishers still run ‘afoul of the new standards’.


Not surprising that Google’s ad block has faced criticism from advertisers.


The Wall Street Journal’s subheadings states ‘Critics say the search giant’s ad blocking plan – which will screen out certain types of ads in its Google Chrome browser – is self-serving.’