01 Feb'18

Google completes its $1.1B deal with HTC


Google have announced the official closure of their deal with HTC.


In the press release, Google list the HTC products they have so far created, which include: Pixel, Google Home, Google Pixel Buds.


The VP of Product Management for Google Home, Rishi Chandra, stated that more than Google Home product was being sold per second in Q4 (after the launch of the Google Home Mini). This would suggest that there is indeed a market for Google hardware.


The deal with HTC was signed in September of last year to ‘fuel even more product innovation in the years ahead.’ Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Hardware, stated that this ‘agreement is a testament to the decade-long history between HTC and Google’.


To mark the close of the deal Google ‘are welcoming an incredibly talented team to work on even better and more innovative products in the years to come.’ Google do not reveal details about the future innovative products. (We’re anticipating a giant robot spider that will carry passengers on its back. Self driving cars are sooo 2017).


In addition, they are expanding their ‘footprint in the Asia Pacific’. This is seen in Google’s recently announced plans to ‘open an AI lab in Beijing’.