08 Feb'18

Intel’s smart glasses – the features, comparison with Google Glass and first-hand reports

Intel has created a pair of smart glasses – that look similar a normal pair of glasses (apart from an occasional red glimmer), reported by Business Insider.


Key information about Intel’s Vaunt glasses:


– Minimalistic and weigh 50 grams

– The lens present information into the right eye

– The text shows when the user glances down to the bottom of the frame.

– The glasses need to be fitted to each user to allow for enough distance between eyes and the lens

– It is going to connect to both Android and iOS

– Some of the capabilities include: choosing between restaurants in front of you and grocery shopping


Many reports have compared Intel’s smart glasses with Google Glass. According to Techradar, Intel’s Vault succeeds where Google Glass fails. One of the main reasons that Techradar explores is the design and look of the glasses; while Google Glass ‘looked a bit, well, naff’, the Vaults’s design are a pair of glasses ‘you may actually want to wear’.


In addition, Techradar also explored Google Glass’s privacy issues that were a concern because of the camera. The Vault does not have a camera and so limits any privacy issue.


Although Techradar were complimentary of Intel’s smart glasses they were of the opinion that it ‘doesn’t mean we will all be wearing them in the next year’.


Dieter Bohn, a reporter from The Verge, was the first journalist to test out Intel’s smart glasses first-hand. Bohn described it being fascinating how quickly he ‘got used to having that little display down there’. He added, ‘It became natural within less than an hour to glance over at it to make it appear or ignore it’.


Talking to The Verge, Itai Vonshak (Head of Products) stated ‘Everything from the ground up is designed to make the technology disappear’.


Intel’s Vault is definitely a step in the right direction for the design and software of smart glasses. However, it remains unclear as to how this market will develop and whether there will be a considerable demand for smart glasses.



Image Credit: ‘Intel Free Press’ from The original smart glasses: MicroOptical on Flickr. Licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0.