21 Sep'17

Internet companies work together in counter terrorism strategies


Theresa May asks internet companies to work together by identifying and removing extremist content shared by terrorist groups. One assumes she’s also asked Boris to stop sharing nasty notes whilst at cabinet meetings.


May addressed tech executives in New York on Wednesday 20th September to formally present her plea for them to initiate counter-terrorism strategies.


To comply with May’s request, Google are investing £1 million into UK counter-terrorism. This is in partnership with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.


As quoted by the BBC, General Councel at Google, Kent Walker, said ‘By finding experts like ISD, we hope to support sustainable solutions to extremism both online and offline. We don’t have all the answers but we’re committed to playing out part.’


Google-owned YouTube, have already initiated steps to tackling extremist content. These include: working with 15 expert groups, stricter rules for videos that incite hate speech and violence, and re-directing people who have searched specific keywords to YouTube created videos that challenges extremist messages


Twitter have also announced that it has removed 30 000 accounts during the first six months of the year.