14 Sep'17

Investigation into the state of post-Brexit ad industry

The House of Lords are investigating the state of the UK advertisement industry post-Brexit. The aim of this investigation is to determine how the UK advertisement industry can remain strong.


The Advertising Association (AA) are concerned as to how Brexit has, and will, affect the advertising industry, especially in terms of employment. The AA have estimated that 1 in 5 people working in advertising are from the European Union.


The AA are calling for a flexible immigration system to continue employing Europeans


Conversations between the AA and the House of Lords are well underway. According to Marketing Week’s report, the AA emphasised to the Government the importance and status of the ad industry by stating that it has more than £120bn in economic activity and supports 1 million jobs.


As quoted by Marketing Week, Stephen Woodford, AA CEO, stated: ‘UK advertising is a world leader in part thanks to the wealth of talent we attract from all four corners of the globe. A continued flow of highly skilled people is necessary for us to maintain our edge as the world’s leading exporter of advertising.’


The finding of this report will be published early 2018. Now we just have to wait and see how Brexit has impacted the advertising industry, and whether the UK’s status as ‘world leader’ is vulnerable.



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