03 Nov'17

Large rise in graduates entering marketing careers


Prospects released a ‘What do graduates do 2017/18’ report.


The research provides insights and analysis from the HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.


The editor of the report, Edward Prichard, stated that this is a ‘source of information about what happens to UK university graduates’ and ‘it helps the next generation of graduates to understand the nature of the labour market’.


From the 184,410 graduates (studying a range of degrees) surveyed across all subjects, 7.5% became a ‘marketing, PR and sales professionals’. To give this context, the most popular career was a ‘Health professional’ at 16.9%, the least popular was (not including unknown or other occupation) were science professionals at 1.1%.


When comparing this year’s report with last year’s, they found that there were large rises in graduates entering roles in ‘nursing, graphic design, marketing, art, sports, cinematography and photography, finance and accounting, and coding and software development.’ Another increase was the number of graduates choosing further study.


The report discusses the uncertainty of graduate employment that is ahead of us.  Charlie Ball, an author of this report, suggests that ‘some very serious adjustments to the business models of the international organisations that are so important to graduate employment in the UK’ will be made. However, Ball adds that ‘it is unlikely that the national appetite for graduates will wane significantly anytime soon’.


Here are some percentages of graduates that become a ‘marketing, PR and sales professionals from different degree topics:


Biology – 6.3 % (of 2405)

English – 15% (of 5445)

Computer science – 2.5 % (of 7300)

Performing arts – 5.9% (of 2650)

Marketing – 52% (of 2555)

Economics – 9.5% (of 3300)


Prospects describe marketing as ‘one of the most popular graduate careers’.