12 Jan'18

LG’s AI robot named Cloi failed to perform on stage at the CES event


The CES event is a chance for companies to showcase their innovative tech products. Alongside LG, Samsung, Intel, Sony and HTC were a few of the other companies that attended the event.


LG introduced their Cloi brand. According to the company’s press release, there are three robots under the Cloi brand: the ‘serving robot’, the ‘porter robot’ and the ‘shopping cart’ robot.  LG stated that the development of the Cloi robots reflects their ‘commitment to expanding its position as the leader in development of products utilizing artificial intelligence’.


When LG took to the demonstration stage, Cloi did not perform as expected. According to the BBC, Cloi did not respond to the LG demonstrator after three consecutive demands.


Watch BBC video of Cloi’s lack of response to the LG demonstrator:


Many took to Twitter to comment on LG’s embarrassment:



Talking to the BBC, Ben Wood (an analyst at CCS insight) an audience member said ‘when its failed again, there was a stunned silence in the audience and then a bit of a hubbub as people felt sorry for the guy.’