26 Apr'18

Luxury brands outed for being the least transparent


The likes of Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel have been found to be the least transparent regarding the labour conditions in their supply chain, according the Fashion Transparency Index 2018 conducted by the Fashion Revolution (a campaign group).


Brands that have selected have an annual turnover of over $500 million and represent a range of market sectors from high street and luxury. The report looks at 150 brands and their transparency score is mapped across five section: Policy & Commitments, Governance, Traceability, Know, Show & Fix, Spotlight Issues.


The listed luxury brands fall into the (bottom end of the) 0-10 per cent transparency score are ‘disclosing nothing at all or a very limited number of policies’, which are related to brand’s job hiring practises or local community engagement.


Other brands listed in this category include: Sports Direct, Urban Outfitters and Foot Locker.


No brand has been scored above the 51 to 60 per cent bracket. The highest scoring brands include: Adidas, H&M and Banana Republic.


Some of the conclusions from this study include:

– The average transparency score is 21 percent – a 1 per cent increase from 2017 results

– 12 brands have a score of 0 percent, compared to the 3 retailers in 2017

– Adidas and Reebok remain at the top of the index

– Luxury brands generally disclose less about their social and environmental practices than other major brands. This has started to change as some luxury brands such as, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein have increased their transparency score

– Brands publish more information about their social/environmental efforts rather than their supply chain practices


The Fashion Index stated that what is needed is ‘for governments to legally require that brands and retailers disclose supplier lists’.


The Telegraph quoted Peter McAllister, (Executive Director of Ethical Trading Initiative) said lluxury brands ‘haven’t been under the same pressure, yet we know many of their things ar eproduced , exactly the same countries , sometimes in exactly the same factories as regular high street brands’.


The Telegraph approached Chanel, D&G, Versace, Matalan and LVMH for comments, but they did not respond.


A spokesperson from Armani stated its suppliers are carefully selected and regular audit programmes are implemented.