26 Oct'17

New national hub set to tackle online hate crime


Gov.uk announced that there will be ‘a new national hub to tackle the emerging threat of online hate crime’.


The hub will be operated by police officers who will responsible for investigating all cases of online crime properly. Reports can be made at the authority-ran website True Vision. This specialist police unit will also be responsible for contacting tech-giant websites when hate publications need to be removed. By having a separate hub tackling online hate crime the local law enforcements will have some of the burden relieved, and give victims a central place to go for help and advice.


The Home Secretary Amber Rudd stated: ‘Online hate crime is completely unacceptable’ –  Rudd adds, ‘What is illegal offline is illegal online’.


Reporting on cyber-bullying, trolling and online harassment, the BBC state ‘The number of malicious communications offences recorded by police forces in England and Wales has increased by 85% in the past two years.’


In response to this increase in online crime, Essex Police Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh said Twitter, Facebook and other social network providers have got to do more to make sure they provide safe communities.


The Times reported ‘Nine people a day are being arrested for posting allegedly offensive messages online’.


Last year more than 3300 people were questioned about online trolling, yet half of the investigations were abandoned before prosecutions were brought.