15 Mar'18

New smartwatches from Fitbit and how they compare with the rest of the market

Fitbit have released a second version of their smartwatch, Fitbit Versa.


Some of the features the company lists include:

– On-screen workouts

– Connected GPS to see pace and distance display

– Store and play more than 300 songs

– Bluetooth to enable wireless headphones

– Access to fitness, sports, news, travel apps

– Call, text and calendar notifications

– Track steps, heart-rate, sleep


Watch the Fitbit in action:

The watch costs £199.99 and is available now for pre order with sales beginning in April. This is £50 cheaper than Apple Watch Series 1


A review from CNET stated that the Versa corrects the mistakes from their first smartwatch Fitbit Ionic by making it less expensive and not so bulky. In addition, CNET are praising of the ‘renewed focus on women’s health’. In a press release, Fitbit state that they hope the female health tracking app will be part of creating a larger database of ‘menstrual health metrics in the world’ to provide healthcare and research professionals with an unprecedented ability to study menstrual cycles and women’s health with real world data.’ The press release did not state how they would attain consent from the user for this data.


Plenty of reports have likened the Versa to the Apple Watch. For example Business Insider reported that ‘Fitbit Versa looks a lot like an Apple Watch – though it’s a bit smaller’. In September of last year, Business Insider published a report and statistics showing that Apple are dominating the smartwatch market. Could this change with the release of Fitbit’s new watch?


Fitbit have simultaneously released a specially designed watch for kids aged 8 and older called Fitbit Ace. The kid-friendly design includes: showerproof, battery life up to 5 days, 10 clock faces to choose from and adjustable band size.  In their official statement, Fitbit cite the World Health Organization’s statistic ‘childhood obesity rates are on the rise with two out of three kits inactive everyday’.  With the Ace, Fitbit aim to make ‘fitness fun for kids’ and inspire ‘the entire family to build health habits’.


P&S Market Research reported that the smartwatch market ‘is expected to reach $43.8 billion by2 2023’. The company attribute the growth in the smartwatch market to an increasing ‘awareness on personal health and fitness and the rise in smartwatch-controlled automotive capabilities.’