15 Feb'18

Nike celebrates London’s diversity in new advert


Nike have released an advert called ‘Nothing beats a Londoner’ that portrays London’s diversity.


Watch the advert below –

The advert stars celebrities including: Skepta, Harry Kane, Mo Farah and Michael Dapaah.


The blog Londonist celebrates the advert’s showcase of the city and its portrayal of ‘niche location’ such as: Sliders Cuts barber’s in Hornsey, Alexander Palace ice rink, Bishop gates Arcade and Royal Victoria Dock.


According to the Independent, ‘258 young Londoners’ appear in the advert taking part in a range of sports such as, running, boxing, swimming and rowing.


Many have praised the advert on Twitter:


However, Resonate reported that ‘many were quick to pick up on the irony that large demographics from Asia were left out’. Some took to Twitter highlighting the lack of representations of Asians:



The Independent stated that ‘Nike will launch a campaign during February half-term week across 270 sports venues in the city which Nike-sponsored athletes will meet communities and play sport with young people’.