12 Jan'18

Revealed: best 2017 Christmas advert

It is January and Christmas may be long behind you, but the most popular 2017 Christmas advert has been revealed.


As reported by The Drum4C (a data company) analysed and concluded that most social media users favoured Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot Christmas advert, knocking John Lewis from its winning position. In addition, Aldi’s advert generated the greatest online engagement – in comparison with other retail Christmas adverts – within five minutes of being aired.


Aldi had a 152% increase in social media. Others that followed: Boots (141%), Tesco (120%), Lidl (100%), Sainsbury’s (99%), Vodafone (77%), Coca-Cola (70%), Waitrose (70%), John Lewis (54%).


In our report on John Lewis’s Christmas advert, we included opinions from marketing professionals. Some believed the advert ‘pulled out all the stops’, while others were of the opinion that advert did not put them in the mood to spend.


From the findings, it appears that people preferred the humour of Kevin the Carrot over the sentimental message from John Lewis.


Linking with retailers’ Christmas marketing campaigns, the BBC released a report on those that were successful and those that weren’t during the festive period.


Retailers that saw an increase from last year’s sales include: Next, Boohoo, Tescos, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Lidl. Aldi was not mentioned in BBC’s article.


Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Debenhams and Mothercare were listed as retailers that saw a decline in sales over the Christmas period.


As reports suggest, consumer spending is declining, making it even more difficult for retailers to encourage people to spend in their store, and even more paramount to create effective marketing campaigns.