25 Jan'18

Revealed: top 10 brands


YouGov published their annual BrandIndex’s list of the top 10 UK brands.


The image below to see the top 10:


The ranking is measured by buzz scores collected throughout the year. A buzz score measures whether consumers have said anything good or bad about the brand. The report is fairy vague about the source used to gather consumers comments, and the actual definition of a buzz score.


According to YouGov this is the fourth year in a row that ‘Aldi and Lidl filled the top spots’. This comes after ‘a solid year for the discount retailers and an impressive Christmas period’.


Netflix rises to third position, overtaking BBC iPlayer. The report states that this is an indication of ‘how effective it has been in delivering its quality original content message’. Stranger Things Season 2, The Crown and 13 Reasons Why are all Netflix original series that have had a lot of viewers and positive reviews.


This is the first time in three years that iPlayer has not been in the top three.


The Drum added, that ‘YouTube was pushed out of the top ten completely’ assuming that the brand safety scandals had a large contribution to this.


A new entry to the top ten is Premier Inn. YouGov suggest that the hotel chain decision to stop featuring Lenny Henry has been advantageous, whilst delivering both quality and value.


To add to the report, YouGov have released the top ten most improved brands over the past year.


The image below ranks the top ten most improved:


BHS has a ‘significantly different offering to its previous business, both in its scale and its move from being a high street retailer and an online outfit’, which could be the reason for BHS improving from a -18.9 score in 2016 to -5.1 in 2017.


Some listed as ‘most improved’ refers to brands that bounce back to negative press, which includes Sports Direct, Samsung, Apple and Volkswagen.



Image credit: ‘Edgethreesixty branding’ from EdgeThreeSixty TM on Flickr. Licensed by  CC BY 2.0