12 Oct'17

Google has also identified ‘Russian Political Adverts’


Reuters reports that Google have found adverts on YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search that were bought by Russian agents. The total worth of these adverts amounts to tens of thousands of dollars.


U.S intelligence have stated that the goal was to help elect Donald Trump.


According to Reuters, these adverts are not the same as the adverts on Facebook that were bought by the Kremlin-affiliated organisation during the US 2016 election.


Recently Facebook have handed over 3000 ads to the US government that were linked to Russian sources. These adverts are thought to have targeted US voters in the aim to influence voters’ decisions with topics such as, race, gay rights and guns.


The Financial Times reports that the US Congress plan to release the Facebook adverts linked to Russian organisations to the public. In addition, the US house and senate intelligence are investigating this matter and will propose that online political advertisement will be monitored in the same way as TV and radio adverts.


It has also been confirmed that Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Twitter have also been used by Russian agents to publish political advertisement.


In the BBC’s account of Instagram’s part in this, Facebook have announced that changes will be made following this incident. They will have ‘additional human review and approval’.


Last month Recode reported that Twitter found 200 accounts that have been associated with Russian advertisement. Unlike Google, Twitter’s accounts were from the same Kremlin organisation that bought ads on Facebook.