07 Dec'17

Smirnoff launches gender non-binary advert


Diageo, producer of spirits and beers, announced that Smirnoff continue their ‘We’re Open’ marketing campaign, which ‘aims to improve understanding of the non-binary community and raise awareness of the challenges that individuals who identify in this way encounter’.



Talking to Marketing Week, the Head of Smirnoff Europe Sam Salameh stated ‘The next chapter moves the gender conversation on to the next level by giving what is quote a small minority community a voice and representing them in a strong way with positive role models.’


Salameh adds, that if you don’t back up the compelling story to extremely important matters then it is meaningless. Smirnoff are devising a plan to respond to negative comments directed by referring people to the LGBT hub on its website.


The LGBT Foundation and LADbible are the campaign’s partners. With these two organisation endorsing the campaign, Smirnoff hopes to bring a positive change in the night time culture and beyond.


The new TV advert features LGBTQ+ role models. According to Marketing Week some of these individuals include: Honey Dijon (DJ and producer), Kiddy Smile (French LGBTQ+ icon) and Lucy Fizz (British transgender model and dancer).


The campaign is based on the research that shows ‘while 12% of millennials identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, society at large still lacks understanding of the non-binary community.’  In addition, three out of four trans people report that they have been a victim of a hate crime.


Forbes published an article on how companies are ‘grappling with the ‘no gender’ society’ which expressed the view that ‘companies that want to reach teenage and Millennial consumers (and talent) have to show they “get it [gender neutrality].”