21 Sep'17

Sub-brands aimed at millennials; another example of brand over-generalisation?

Air France-KLM Group launched a budget airline brand, Joon, targeting millennial travellers. See Air France press release.


Offering medium- and long-haul services from Paris airport with the key difference that Joon is “entirely designed” to win over 18- to 35-year-old millennials.


However, Marketing Week‘s article examining whether brands should launch a youth sub-brand, question how the demand from millennials is different from older audiences.


Marketing Week quote the Director of Consulting at branding agency, The Clearing, Nick Liddell stated, ‘When you start creating sub-brands, what you’re effectively saying is that you want to divide people by age and generational differences.’


Using the example of Marriott’s launch of Moxy, a range of hotels that are aimed at the young with smaller budgets, Marketing Week suggest that sub-brands can be successful. Moxy does not put an age limit on who they target, the hotels can be used by anyone. The Senior Brand Director of Moxy stated ‘all our guests are different, even if they fall into the same generational group, and so we don’t give a one-size fits all’.


Targeting an age range with marketing material can be advantageous. However, creating a by-product that is age-restricted is different. You are automatically limiting your market, and in the process potentially offending consumers.


No one likes to be dictated to regarding what they can and cannot buy because of their age. If you want a stair lift and you’re only 25 then go buy one!


By Verkeorg on Flickr Licensed by CC.by 20