02 Mar'18

Survey reveals that SME owners increased this year’s marketing budget


Affilinet found that the average small business owner will commit 16 per cent of their 2018/19 budget to marketing, as reported by Business Leader.


Affilinet surveyed nearly 1394 SME owners with a business that was at least 5 years old. The poll highlighted that 51 per cent of business owners said that they have increased their marketing budget as a result of seeing competitors experiencing high levels of return on marketing spend.


Some of the other findings include:

– 61 per cent said that marketing is something they dedicate spending to but it is not a core focus

– Social media marketing was the highest ranked channel of investment

– 9 per cent said that it was a key goal to focus on their marketing efforts


Business Leader, Rick Leake (Affilinet’s Client Services Director) stated that for SME’s in the modern digital age, their ‘marketing strategy is key for creating awareness amongst customers, generating interest and sales, and continuing engagement’.


B2B Marketing summed up their report of with the question ‘What does this mean for B2B marketers?’. Their response was that an increase in marketing budget means that there ‘is an increased demand for marketing products and services from B2B companies’.


It appears that companies are taking advantage of the trend. PR Week reported that Facebook have launched a campaign aimed at UK small businesses. The campaign will run for eight weeks, featuring 16 businesses from popular Facebook pages. Some of the companies include: Charlotte Mitchell’s independent butchers, a high-end jeans brand and the Repton Boxing Club.


Facebook’s campaign aligns with their program to help EU businesses grow. In their blog, Facebook state ‘Small businesses are the heart of our economies and create the majority of new jobs all around the world’.