23 Feb'18

Tech industry urge Brexiteers to remain part of the EU data protection


The Drum reported that leaders in the British tech industry wrote an open letter to Liam Fox (International Trade Secretary). The letter requested for the government to remain part of the EU data protection despite Britain leaving the EU.


Julian David (The CEO of TechUK the lobby group) wrote ‘Diverging from EU data protection rules in domestic law post-Brexit would undermine this opportunity’.


David added ‘We would caution against the misunderstanding that adherence to the EU data protection regime is incompatible with securing high-quality trade agreements’.


According to the Telegraph, David’s message ‘contradicts that of leading Brexiteer ministers who have argued internally that the UK needs to be able to have divergent regulations in future economic growth areas such as artificial intelligence’.


The Register explained how the ‘UK helped to shape the regulation’ in which many companies are investing in to be compliant. In addition, The Register reported about Theresa May’s statement at the Munich Security Conference last weekend. May drew attention to the importance of data flow for cooperation between law enforcements.


Although May assured that the Data Protection Bill would align with GDPR. However, it appears as though there will be some separation from the EU’s GDPR from the statement ‘we want to go further and seek a bespoke arrangement to reflect the UK’s exceptionally high standards of data protection’. Like Germany’s maybe?