08 Feb'18

Telsa’s rocket launched needed no marketing budget; the Internet took care of that


On Tuesday 6th February Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, launched his Falcon Heavy rocket. But it was a double triumph as one of the Tesla cars was on board the Falcon Heavy and driven by a dummy (being the first car in space). Read a full report on the Independent about the launch.


According to AdWeek, Tesla is known to have a ‘non-existent ad budget’. The recent rocket launch proves that they do not need marketing spend as it was all captured online on YouTube. Now images of the Tesla car circling the Earth are posted over the Internet. Although in retrospect running some PPC might be cheaper.


Below is the video:


Ad Week stated that Musk has found innovative ways to promote his brand and projects. For example, Musk launched A Fan-made ad contests in 2017. According to Electrek, participants entered by creating video no longer than 90 seconds ads, and Musk selected three winners.


A lot of Tesla’s marketing is a result of word of month. During the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, plenty took to Twitter to congratulate and praise.



The Internet makes it easier for companies to promote their brand and their marketing to go viral. But a brand needs to be reputable in the first place.