05 Oct'17

Tesla’s world biggest battery is halfway to completion


Elon Musk announced that the company (Tesla) have reached the halfway point installing the world’s largest battery (100MW/129MWh). Arstechnica reports.


Tesla undertook this project after a Twitter debate between Mike Cannon-Brookes, an Australian software billionaire, and Elon Musk. Cannon-Brookes did not believe Tesla were installing the grid-tied battery at the speed they were claiming. In response, Musk promised to deliver a system to South Australia in ‘100 days or its free’.


Before the 100 days started, Musk had to organise contracts, and was in conversation with South Australia state about funding.


The batteries are being made in Nevada, but will be installed at Hornsdale Wind Farm.


According to Musk, Tesla could lose $50 million or more if they do not complete the battery installation in 100 days.


Although the start of the 100-day countdown was on the 29th September, Tesla had already begun the battery installation, and are already halfway done.


Musk hosted a party to mark the halfway point. As described by ABC, Musk made a speech to the attendees saying, ‘To have that [construction] done in two months…you can’t remodel your kitchen in that period of time,’


Jay Weatherill, South Australian Premier, said at the event ‘There were lots of people that were making jokes about South Australia and making fun of our leadership in renewable energy. Well today they’re laughing out of the other side of their face.’


Weatherill is referring to the series of blackouts in South Australia. In March of this year, The Guardian reported on a state-wide blackout in March of this year after ‘protection mechanism in tornado-bit turbines caused drop in owner that led to entire system being tripped’.


ABC refers to Tesla’s claim that if this project is a success, it will be able to power about 30,000 homes. This will be a huge benefit to South Australia’s recent power shortfalls.