21 Sep'17

TV adverts’ portrayal of gender triggers resentment, Havas Creative finds.


‘The Future is FeMale’ report, by Havas Creative, found that TV adverts incite offence in their portrayal of genders. See the full report here.


The report looks generally at gender equality to identify whether society’s views on gender have changed. ‘Insight 12′ examines respondents’ opinions about TV adverts’ gender representation.


More than 12 000 men and women, from 32 countries, were surveyed for this research.


48% of women begrudge how TV adverts portray women. This is quite a high percentage despite some brands making an effort to engage directly with female consumers, and to fight stereotypes. Havas Creative reference several adverts that focus on ‘social change’. One of which was the ‘Like a girl’ campaign from Always that turned the disparaging statement into a positive attribute.

‘We are sure to see more’ of similar campaigns, Havas Creative state.



Men are generally less disconcerted about how TV advertisement represent their gender. 31% of men surveyed disagreed with TV adverts’ portrayal of men.


When questioned about nudity, 93% of all women said that they do not enjoy watching ads of semi-naked women. Again, male respondents showed less concern regarding ads displaying their gender’s nudity; slightly less than 50% said they do not enjoy seeing half-naked men in adverts. It appears that nudity in general does not translate well from TV to consumer.


In the conclusion, Havas Creative state, ‘Brands can help pave the way to a more equitable future by shining a light on those areas most in need of change’.


In Marketing Week’s article on the ‘The Future is FeMale’, they emphasis the alignment between Havas Creative’s finding and the Advertising Standards Authority’s claim that it will set stricter guidelines for gender stereotyping in ads.