12 Oct'17

A third of consumers do not like Voice Assistant Technology, IPA reveal


IPA reveal that 54% of respondents who have not used Voice Assistant (VA) technology have no desire to do so in the future. The main reason for this is that they do not see how they can benefit from the technology.


This finding is part of IPA’s study into the rise of VA technology. They surveyed 1001 individuals from Great Britain aged 16 and over.


VA products are establishing themselves in the mainstream technology market. Some examples of VA technology products include: Apple’s Siri, Google Assistance, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Siri was the most commonly used by those in the sample.


These companies are now expanding their VA technology from mobile to home products.


From the sample, only a quarter of respondents have used VA technology. The majority of those that have used VA technology are of the younger generation. 51% of users were 16-24-year olds, and 27% of user were 25-34-year olds.
Three quarters of users said that they are most interested in using VA to entertain. Other uses that were discussed include: controlling home appliances, book services, and ordering groceries.


As previously mentioned, over half of the respondents have not used VA technology. 29% said they are put off using VA technology because they don’t like the idea of speaking commands out loud. This explains why individuals are more comfortable using the technology at home. The percentage that use VA technology at work is low, and only 14% said they would be comfortable doing so.


Security was also a concern for some of the participants. Nearly 60 % of respondents were concerned about how their voice print would be used by companies. This was more of a concern for females than males.


Nigel Gwilliam, IPA’s Consultant Head of Media and Emerging Tech, stated that these findings show that the predictions that 30% of our interactions with technology will be conversations with smart machines by 2018 is ‘a little high a little soon’.


Earlier this year, VoiceLabs also released a report about VA technology that highlighted the fact that consumers do no use this technology frequently. They found that there is only a ‘3% chance that users will be active in the second week’ of acquiring voice assistant application.


In an opinion piece published on The Verge, the writer expresses that some of his colleagues love VA technology but for him he finds them ‘intrusive, unwelcome, and downright awkward’.