26 Apr'18

Waitrose promotes sustainability by removing all disposable coffee cups

Waitrose announced that they are ‘to remove all disposable coffee cups by autumn 2018’.


This is said to save more than 52 million cups a year.


From 30th April, Waitrose will initially remove disposable cups from nine branches. This trial will be used to understand how to manage the change over as seamlessly as possible before rolling it out country wide.


This scheme is part of the company’s commitment ‘to reducing on the environment and it’s use of plastics and packaging’.


To further prove their sustainability, Waitrose are going to use 100 per cent Arabica coffee bean, which is Fairtrade and organic.


Waitrose’s Head of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing, Tor Harris stated ‘We realise this is a major change, but we believe removing all takeaway disposable cups is the right thing to do for our business’.


In the BBC’s report, they associate Waitrose’s announcement with the government’s consideration to enforce a charge to use disposable coffee cups. This was after the Commons Environmental Audit Committee called for a 25p tax.


In Forbes ‘ROE (Return on Environment) is the new ROI: How sustainability drives business success’ article, they reported that companies that invest into environmental and social issues ‘are driving innovation, creating jobs, and gaining a new competitive edge for their businesses