25 Jan'18

WhatsApp launch separate app for small business (Android only)

WhatsApp have announced the launched of their new app which is designed for small businesses to connect with their customers.

The key features of the app include:


    • Businesses are identified with the label ‘Business Account’. WhatsApp plan to introduce ‘Confirmed Accounts’ which is when the account phone number matches the business phone number


    • Business profiles to provide customers with useful information like business description, email, telephone, website and store address


    • An expansion on messaging tools; quick replies that give their customers fast answers to their questions, greeting messages to introduce your business and message to inform customers of when you are unavailable


    • Messaging statistics that provide insight into the number of messages read


    • Is desktop-enabled


WhatsApp emphasis that there is no need to download anything new, and users can still block any number and report spam messaging.


This service for small business is thought to be successful as Morning Consult study found that over 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil said WhatsApp helps them communicate with their customers and grow their business.


According to the press release, WhatsApp Business is available today in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK and US. The app will be available around the world in the coming week.