08 Mar'18

Women’s salaries in marketing are increasing, but the gender gap continues


In keeping with International Women’s Day, PM Forum reported that the gender pay gap for marketing directors is 20.5 per cent. The UK are ranked 21st out of 33 countries analysed; the UK’s gender pay gap is 19.2 per cent.


By 2018, all organisations with over 250 or more employees will publish their gender pay gap. See the GOV page here. PwC (13.7 per cent), Deloitte (18.2 per cent) , EY (19.7 per cent) and KMPG (22.3 per cent) already publish their gender pay gap figures.  According to PM Forum, the gender pay gap ‘is largely driven by more men in senior higher-paid roles’.


Breakdown of the gender pay gap:



As quoted by B2B Marketing, Nadia Cristina (co-Founder and partner at PM Forum)’While salaries have increased overall in more roles, these figures show we still have a long way to go to address gender parity for marketers at professional firms.’