14 Sep'17

YouTube launch their first ad campaign

Ad Age have outlined YouTube’s first campaign which promotes their video platform as a channel for company advertisement.


They have created a series of six second videos with strap lines such as, ‘Where we find out we’re one of many’, ‘Where we rewrite the rules of music’. These will be released online using the social media platforms:  YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.



YouTube’s ad features well-known vloggers including: Gigi Gorgeous, Jackie Aina, and Tom Fletcher. This aligns with YouTube’s statement:

“[The] idea being advertisers know that millennials and teens, for example, are highly engaged on YouTube,”.


The campaign is set to run for six weeks, which coincides with New York Advertisement Week. During Advertisement Week, YouTube will release advertisement billboards and posters.


Ad Age attributes YouTube’s campaign as a response to companies recently pulling their ads following the brand safety scandal.


For more information on the brand safety scandal, read our article ‘Procter and Gamble being the first advertisers to reduce digital ad spending’, which explores the reasons why.